Dryer balls and meatballs


Well we certainly shopped until Joe dropped today. Five shops, five hours and £103.37 later, we have lots of new and exciting things for our flat!

We’re moving from a furnished rented flat to our new unfurnished flat so there are lots of things we will need to buy. We’ve already got a few things, including a bed, TV, coffee table and toaster – this was a huge bargain at £18 from Debenhams for a four slice Breville toaster. Neither of us could last a day without a cup of tea so of course we have our own kettle and will be packing it in the essentials box when we move.

As we say however, there is still lots to buy! We went to a retail park today to see what essentials (and non-essentials) we could pick up. We ended up going into ASDA, IKEA, Next, Matalan and TK Maxx. We didn’t end up getting anything in Next but we were eyeing up a sofa and armchair – big purchases we’re yet to make.

Here’s what we got in the other shops…



Safety first – we bought a Kidde smoke alarm and Kidde carbon monoxide alarm. The smoke alarm was on offer for £6 and the carbon monoxide alarm was £15. The home report for the flat says there isn’t a smoke alarm fitted and it’s always a good idea to have a carbon monoxide alarm so these two were high on our list of priorities (both sets of parents were very pleased when we told them we’d bought these already).

We also needed quite a few basics utensils for the kitchen and today we picked up a serving spoon (£0.40), ladle (£1.50), masher (£1.50), two wooden chopping boards (£5), three wine glasses (£1.50) (to add to the three we have already), a pizza tray (£3) (slightly less essential but sorely missed over the last year), silicone cupcake cases (£2) (even less essential but cute), a piping set (£2) (least essential of all according to Joe) and dryer balls (£2). I (Rachel) had never even heard of dryer balls before but Joe reliably informs me that they help your clothes to dry more quickly – the more you know!

We also got a pair of work gloves for £2 which should come in handy with all the DIY we have planned!

Total spend: £41.90



Number one priority when we went to IKEA was food – Joe was feeling hungry and flagging – we would have been asking for an argument if we’d have gone round IKEA on empty stomachs. So 30 meatballs later, we were ready to shop and we must say it was quite successful!

As you can see, we got a dustpan and brush (£0.95), six small glasses (£2.75), six large glasses (£3), two washing up brushes (£1), two plastic chopping boards (£2) and an advent calendar (£2.50). The advent calendar came with a guaranteed minimum of a £5 voucher to spend in store with the chance to win up to £1,005. Given that we have plenty more to buy over the coming months, we knew we’d be back (apt given that I’m typing this with The Terminator on in the background) so this was a no-brainer – at least £5 worth of products and some chocolates for £2.50. We’ve already checked the voucher and it was indeed a £5 voucher – better than nothing!

Total spend: £12.20

TK Maxx


We’ve bought quite a lot of nice kitchenware from TK Maxx (including some really nice bowls) so we always pop in to see what they’ve got. I’ve been looking to get a quiche dish for a while now so we had to get this Mason Cash one (£4.99) when it caught our eye – you can’t quite see the colour on the photograph but it’s a light blue on the outside.

We also got a couple of Pyrex dishes (large – £6.99, small – £3.99) in time for all of the Sunday roasts we’ll be making as winter draws in.

Total spend: £15.97



Finally, we got a few items from Matalan. All decidedly non-essential but we couldn’t resist. We got a drying mat (£3) which is largely for the flat we’re in now where we have a wooden counter, but we’re sure it’ll come in handy in the new place and for just £3 we thought it was a good buy.

As soon as we walked into the home section we both spotted the duvet set. We actually thought it was a blanket at first and we were a bit disappointed when we saw it was a duvet set but once we felt how soft the sheets were we were sold and it went into the basket for £28. If you look on the website (here) you can see they have a couple of other colours in this set too.

Finally, and please forgive us for bringing it up so early in November, we got a Christmas bauble! We’ve decided we’re going to each get a nice bauble every year starting from this year. Joe chose this one (although I approve) and it was £3.

Total spend: £33.30

And that’s the lot! We think it was quite a successful trip and we had a good day out. Joe has just about recovered ready for next time.

Please let us know if you’ve picked up any good bargains for your home recently!

Rachel and Joe

Green, green owners of home


This is exciting! Welcome to our shiny new blog. We’ll be updating this regularly (hopefully) as we embark on our journey as homeowners!

To get everybody up to speed, our first ever post will be a brief summary of how we got to where we are now – and precisely where that is!

We met at university five years ago and by September 2016, after living 200 miles apart for most of the previous year, we were more than ready to move in together. Having never even set foot in the city before, we decided to relocate to Edinburgh from Manchester and Canterbury. So, excited to start our new chapter, we packed our bags and off we went! We found a nice flat to rent after a rather stressful search (which we’ll tell you about another time) and settled into life beyond the wall.

Fast forward a year to September 2017, having decided that we could happily share flat without wanting to kill each other and enjoying life in our new city, we decided we were ready to take the plunge and buy a home of our own.

(We will do a post in the future about the nitty gritty of the home buying process and our struggle with the Scottish system, with hints and tips we picked up along the way.)

So that brings us to the here and now and we have just under four weeks to pack up and move out!

We hope you’ll enjoy following our journey and hopefully learning from all the mistakes we inevitably make!

Until next time…

Rachel and Joe